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People Counting
Make the most out of your space 
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Automated & digital People Counting
Track the movement of people with our sensors
Regain Control over Space 
Get access to real-time data about the utilisation of your buildings 
Save Millions
Whether it is saving millions of dollars or millions of kilowatt hours - it will favour both your wallet and the environment

At Fiffy Solutions, we believe that the need for real-time data will significantly increase in the next years. In the information age, only the company combining smart data will succeed. We want to make our customers win in the digital era by enriching the data base about the actual usage of space. Our clients will benefit from insights like how many people are in which building during what time. We’ve only just started, but we already know that sensor based technologies provide the perfect balance between accuracy and affordability. Especially through our battery-powered devices we simplify the installation process and save costs. 


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