Reveal unused spaces and cut energy costs in half.

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Monitor space utilisation 365 days a year with digital sensors.

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Reopen your space safely with Fiffy's capacity-monitoring solution

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We are developing the world’s first overhead wireless people counting device to make installation simple and cheap. Our thermal sensors ensure that no personally identifiable data is captured at any point.

  • Fully privacy-protecting
  • Installation within seconds – no hard-wiring
  • Adaptive hub technology for cost-efficient deployment

Be a winner in the digital era

At Fiffy Solutions, we believe that the need for real-time data will significantly increase in the next years.

In the information age, only the company combining smart data will succeed. We want to make our customers win in the digital era by providing space utilisation data that boosts operations efficiency.

For that, we broke new ground and invented a world’s first overhead wireless people counter which is able to detect large crowds accurately.

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How to start

You are only two steps away from unlocking your full building potential!

Choose your preferred Counter

Either decide on permanent, hard-wired counter or flexible, wireless people counter – both privacy-protecting

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Know exactly how many people are in your rooms and buildings during what time and get analytics about your space performance.

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Our Customers

"The data from Fiffy Solutions will help shape our investment decisions about what sort of equipment we should buy, because we will monitor the foot traffic to these machines and usage. Also, it will help with budgeting arrangements with staffing, so at peak demand periods we can roster more staff on."

Mr Vince Kelly
Workshop Manager at The University of Queensland
UQ iLab
UQ Makerspace
University of Queensland
UQ Ventures
77 Partners

Contribute to a better tomorrow

With our data, you will be able to improve your businesses efficiency and positively impact society and environment.

Increase life quality

Decrease traffic congestion and improve health care quality through a better utilisation of space.

Strengthen communities

Identify the spots people love going to and provide the future spaces for a vibrant city life.